What Watercolour Brush Size to Get for Sketching

In general, I would recommend getting a size 6 watercolour brush if you're working on an A5 sketchbook or smaller. For larger sketchbooks like A3, it's would be better to get a size 8 or 10 because they have a bigger wash area.

Note that Escoda's size 10 travel watercolour brushes will not fit into those small metal 12-pan watercolour boxes. Check out all the watercolour brushes I've featured at https://www.parkablogs.com/tags/watercolour-brushes

For more sketching tips, visit this Youtube playlist and this page.



Hi Teoh! Is it advisable to

Hi Teoh! Is it advisable to get a squirrel mop brush for sketching? I’m planning to get a size 2 and 6 sable brushes and want to use a squirrel brush to prevent overworking my sables with large washes. If so, what size do you suggest for travel mops?

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