Book Review: The Art of Feefal

Linnea Kikuchi aka Feefal is an illustrator from Sweden who's known for her dreamlike dark aesthetics and character designs. She's quite popular and has more than one million followers on Instagram. It seems like publisher 3dtotal strategy on publishing artbooks is to look for popular artists on social media, and it's a pretty good strategy. This book was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in Jan 2022.

This book is filled with plenty of character designs and commentary. It's real fun looking at all the different ideas for the characters. For example, the cover art has a lady sewing her exposed skeleton using golden thread which by the way was printed with gold-like shiny ink. There's storytelling with the characters too. One uses the ocean as her blanket, and another has hair made from molten lava. The artworks are beautiful.

Just like other books from 3dtotal illustrator series, this book has tutorials where tips and techniques are shared, and there's career advice and also background story of how Feefal learned and developed her art. This is a beautiful and inspiring book.

You can find more art from Feefal on Instagram, Twitter and her website.

Here are direct links to the book: | | | | | | | | |

This book was borrowed from Basheer Graphic Books for review purposes. You can order the book from them. Check with Basheer on Facebook.


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