Book Review: wacca作品集: 泳ぐ夢を見た

Wacca is a Japanese artist who enjoys drawing city life in Japan sometimes mixed with an element of fantasy. In the cover art, there's a girl sitting in the laundry shop and there are Japanese Koi swimming around.

This book is a 160-page paperback with dust jacket and is published by Gei Shin.

The art style is definitely very Japanese manga-like. Line art is clean, and often precise. The tutorial (in Japanese) at the back of the book shows the step-by-step creation of an illustration and it involves using 3D modeling to help with composition and perspective. And that's how Wacca is able to create such accurate drawings of buildings, streets, claw machines and more.

Another interesting thing about the style is the heavy use of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. For those who know print design, CMYK are the inks use for printing. Black is used for line art, and the colours are created with cyan, magenta and yellow. This is triadic colour scheme is not easy to use but it's used really well here to create a mood that is somewhat otherworldly because these aren't colour combinations we see often.

The art here reminds me of VOX: Matteo De Longis' Rockbook which also uses a rather similar colour scheme but with some variation.

This is a beautiful artbook. If you like the art, you may also want to check out the .

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