"CHIJMES Unsucks"

"CHIJMES Unsucks"

This is the companion piece to "CHIJMES Sucks" that I sketched yesterday.

Since my friend James wanted to go down to CHIJMES to sketch again, and I have nothing better to do, I just tagged along.

Anyway, James already emailed the management who said that it's alright to sketch there, and no permission is required to do that.

Security guard approached us again and James Tan did all the talking while I just continued with my sketching. According to the security guard, the rule is to prevent people from misusing the place, in simpler terms, using the place for their own purposes without paying money to use the premise, e.g. wedding photography.

Today, we drew at the same location. Since I've already drawn the place yesterday, I chose a wide format paper, 16 by 8 inches Aquafine CP watercolour paper. I still cannot get the hang of using the Sennelier watercolour. It just doesn't appeal to me for some reason.


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