India Ink Illustration with Japanese Influence by Mika Takahashi (online course review)

India Ink Illustration with Japanese Influence is a 1-hour+ beginner's course on drawing and painting with India ink by Mika Takahashi, a Japanese freelance illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil.

This course is available on Domestika. The audio is available only in Portuguese although there are English subtitles. It's actually quite disorienting for me to see a Brazilian who looks Japanese speak fluent Portuguese while watching the English subtitles. But hey if you're alright with that, then this is a fun course to take to learn more about creating art with India Ink.

This is a rather hands-on and guided course that's easy to follow along. The tools you'll need are pens, India ink, brush, palette and paper. India ink is a versatile medium. You don't need a lot of materials which is great, but you can create many different look, style and effect with India ink.

The step by step instructions guide you through creating a simple illustration which you will paint with India ink. As you draw and paint, you'll learn about some of the basics of creating black and white art, techniques, scanning your work and even making corrections on accidental mistakes. While the illustration is simple, the end result is actually quite detailed and really shows off the versatility of India ink. Working without colours force you to think creatively and differently.

5 out of 5 stars

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Check out the course and the reviews (3,000+ students) on Domestika.

Price of this course is usually around US $10 - $15, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

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Hi Teoh! Actually Mika is

Hi Teoh! Actually Mika is brazilian, like myself. Brazil has the biggest japanese community outside of Japan for a few generations already, so a lot of descendants don't even speak japanese anymore, or just feel more comfortable speaking portuguese. Nonetheless, she is indeed a great artist and (I believe) one of the best to bring elements from.both western and eastern culture.


While we're on the subject of latin american asian artists, since you're on Domestika, I strongly recommend Flor Kaneshiro's course. She's an Argentinian illustrator also with Japanese descent, and she makes the cutest minimalistic watercolor illustrations. Worth a look!

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