Quick guide to Osprey Pens fountain pens, nibs and nib holders

Here's a quick guide to some of the fountain pens, nibs and nib holders available from Osprey Pens.

All the items you see above are review samples from the company. I only agreed to check out their pens because they sell a large variety of flex pen nibs which are interchangeable with their fountain pens. And they have fountain pens that are designed to be used with Zebra G nibs.

This is the Osprey Madison fountain pen. Price starts at US $18 and the price varies depending on the nib options. The pen fitted with a Zebra G nib is US $30 which to me a very reasonable price.

This is the BlueDew flex nib fountain pen from other company that I have reviewed. This pen is US $88 and the pen nib performance is similar to the Zebra G nib.

Sure the Osprey Madison doesn't look as good compared to the BlueDew, but the latter is US $58 more expensive. When I think of affordable flex nib pens, Noodlers Ahab and Noodlers Konrad comes to mind. But the flex nibs on those Noodlers nib aren't as good compared to a Zebra G nib. The Noodler pens are US $23 onwards. Just spend an extra $7 to get Zebra G nib performance is worth the money.

This is the Osprey Milano which is marketed as a luxury. The price starts from US $70 and varies depending on nib options. You can get this with the Zebra G nib as well and the price is $82.

The design of the black ebonite body doesn't really appeal to me. The other colourful acrylic body designs look better.

The pens can be purchased with additional nib options. When buying nib options separately, make sure they can fit the pen you have. Nib options for the Osprey Madison do not fit the Osprey Milano.

These are the nib holders, or dip penholders.

The better looking one is again the one with the acrylic body.

The ebonite nib holder is a 2-in-1 nib holder. You can attach a nib to the angled attachment.

Or you can remove the angled attachment and attach the nib directly to the nib holder.

There are many flex nib options available. That unusual looking nib at the top is the Osprey Delta nib. And that little metal piece can be used as an ink reservoir when you attach it to selected pen nibs. The price of the Osprey Delta with ink reservoir attachment is just US $2.50.

This is the Nib Block ($1) and it's used to remove stuck pen nibs from the section. There's a hard plastic rod you can use to push the nib and feed out. The Nib Block may be included with certain pen purchases.

This rubber piece makes it safer for your fingers when removing pen nibs. The company is quite thoughtful by making all these useful accessories available.

Sample inks may also be included with selected pen purchases. The ink in these bottles is the Noodlers Bulletproof Black which is an ink that's safe for use in fountain pens. Do not use India or acrylic inks in fountain pens.

India inks can be used with dip pens. But it's best to clean the pen nibs properly after each use because certain India inks have shellac that may coat the pen nib which will affect the flex.

Osprey Pens also sell another model called the Osprey Scholar (US $30+) but I don't have one on hand to review. It's just a different design but just like the other pens, it's also available for purchase with different nib options, including the Zebra G nib.

The Osprey Madison and Osprey Scholar offer good value for money because their prices start from US $30.

I did not actually test the writing and drawing performance of these pens yet but I will make individual detailed reviews for each pen, soon, I hope. Anyway, the pens uses Zebra G nibs so the drawing performance is going to be good and predictable.

Anyway, you can find out more about these pens and other pens available on Osprey Pens website.



Hi Teoh I received an Osprey

Hi Teoh I received an Osprey pen modded with a G nib but it dried after the first use where the ink will not flow. Do you have any good suggestions for encouraging the flow? So far I enjoyed this pen for its ability to do details much better than a Preppy pen whereas a fude nib is good for broad strokes.

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