Review: Derwent Graphik Line Maker Pens (Sepia)

Hi! Today I am going to share with you more about Derwent’s Graphik Line Maker Drawing Pens (3-pack in Sepia color) which I got recently.

The pens are packed in a black and white case with leafy designs all over.

The pens come with so called Japanese nibs, in sizes of 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5. The nib is actually no different from other felt tip multiliners, e.g. such as Copic Multiliners. The nib sizes are indicated on the body of the pen and top of each pen cap. The smaller the nib size, the finer and more intricate the lines it can create (and vice versa).

The pens that I have are Sepia coloured. The other available colours are black and graphite. You can buy the pens individually or in sets.

The caps have metallic clips. So you can put them on the table and they would not roll off.

There is a small octagonal extension at the bottom of each pen (and to match, the top of the pen cap is also octagonal in shape) .

The pens are made in China. On the body, there's even the manufacturing date. So when buying, you can avoid buying pens that are too old, or risk having pens where the inks have dried. Anyway, the pens are packed inside the pen case so you can only see the manufacturing date after you take the pens out. There’s also an indication on the body of each pen to remind you to ‘Replace Cap’ – to avoid the ink from drying out.

That's the typical felt tip. They will wear off with extensive use. Hopefully, the tip will last longer before the ink runs out.

The ink is pigmented and water based. Since they are pigmented, they are supposed to be waterproof. The felt tip writes well. Ink flow is consistent and does not smudge.

Below are some drawing samples.

This was drawn with the 0.1 pen.

This was drawn with the 0.3 pen.

This was drawn with the 0.5 pen.

Overall, the Derwent Graphik Line Maker Pens are good quality pens. However, they are not too different when compared to other multiliners. If they are priced well at the place you buy from, or priced competitively to other brands, they are worth the purchase.


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