Review: FPR Ambassador fountain pen

Here's another sample pen from Fountain Pen Revolution for review. Check out my earlier reviews if you haven't.

The FPR Ambassador is a full-metal fountain pen priced at US $63.

The selling point of FPR fountain pens is you have the option to purchase flex (+$5) and extra flex nibs (+$19). If you don't buy the pen with the flex nibs, then this is just another fountain pen with a black body, and you can find other black body fountain pens for much less.

The pen features a full-metal glossy body with excellent build quality. The pen is comfortable to hold and has a nice weight to it.

The words FPR are engraved on the pen clip.

At the top of the pen is a fountain pen logo.

Pen nib design is simple. This is a #5.5 chrome nib and plastic feed.

Nib options are EF, F, M, B (+$5), 1mm stub (+$5), steel flex (+$5) and extra flex (+$19).

This pen can be dismantled completely for easy cleaning. An ink convertor is included.

The pen writes well. The nib is smooth and ink flow is good.

The nib on this particular pen has no flex at all so line widths will be uniform.

If you don't buy this pen with the flex or extra flex nib, there's no compelling reason to buy this pen especially when it's US $63. You could get an AmazonBasics fountain pen for US $10 if you don't mind the Amazon brand on the pen clip. Some of the cheaper fude nib fountain pens also come with black body design and have a more interesting nib than just EF, F and M.

If you want to see how the extra flexible performs, see my review for the FPR Himalaya V2.

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