Review: Galen Leather flap pen case

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Galen Leather is a company that sells high quality leather products. I had reviewed their leather Padfolio for the iPad Pro back in 2017 and I still have that and it's holding up really well over the years. In 2022, I bought a leather desk pads to protect my table and I was so satisfied that I bought a second one.

Galen Leather makes lots of leather products and pen cases is one of their specialities. Listed below are the pen-related accessories they make:

  • Zipped pen cases
  • Flap pen cases
  • Hard pen cases
  • Pen pouchs
  • Pen sleeves
  • Moulded pen cases
  • Pencil cases
  • Pen rolls
  • Wood pen trays

These are two two pen cases I received for review: a zipped and a flap pen case.

I have an extremely difficult time deciding whether the zip or the flap is better because both are excellent pen cases. With the flap, you can just flip it open to get the pens. With the zip, you have to unzip which isn't too bad.

The prices of the flap pen cases are listed below

The prices do not include shipping which is calculated at checkout.

I can't tell you whether these pen cases are expensive or not because I don't review such products often. All I can say is they are extremely well made and looks really durable.

The leather is 100% vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather. The pen cases are hand-stitched using waxed polyamide thread. The edges are beveled, waxed, and burnished for a finished look

Colours available are

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Crazy horse brown
  • Forest green
  • Undyed
  • Navy Blue
  • Smokey

All the colours look good except for undyed which looks... plain. The one that I have is the Navy Blue which is much darker than I expected.

This pen case is designed for fountain pens that measure 15.5 cm long and 1.6 cm in barrel diameter.

If your pens fit, the magnetic flap will close nicely. Even if you drop the pen case, there's no way the pens will fall out.

The leather is thick and stitching is well done. You can only smell the leather, authentic leather, when your nose is next to it.

If you're looking for a quality pen case, this is something you can consider. You can see the quality yourself through the photos.


This pen case is available from Galen Leather online store.


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