Sketchbook Illustration with Colored Pencils by Zoe Barker (online art course)

Zoe Barker is an illustrator based in UK. She uses a variety of media including watercolour, coloured pencils and pens.

Some of her artworks can be really detailed and you can see them on her Instagram page.

Sketchbook Illustration with Colored Pencils is a beginner's course on using coloured pencils to create quick sketches and detailed drawings. All you need are some coloured pencils and a sketchbook to follow along.

In this course you'll learn why it's helpful to keep a sketchbook as Zoe shows off the beautiful drawings she has in hers.

The drawing exercises includes drawing on faces, human figures, buildings and landscapes. There are also timed exercises to help you loosen up and warm up. The drawing tutorials are quite lengthy and very guided. The instructions are clear and concise. There's a lot of insight.

I personally use coloured pencils mostly to draw line art. So it's a learning experience to use the pencils to colouring and creating form.

The last lesson is on how you can share your art on Instagram, connecting with others and building confidence.

This is a wonderful course for anyone looking to learn coloured pencil art and sketching.

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Price of this course is usually around US $19, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

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